"We at Granite Tower have chosen CMB to be our preferred balancer for over the last 20 years. Early on we realized they were a special company because they have employees who care. An example of this is whenever they found a problem with our equipment they would contact our engineering team and ask for parts. If we had the parts in stock they would simply fix the unit and move on. Every other company we had used would just put a note in the report that the unit was not working. It was up to the building engineers to do the repair then call the balancer back to complete the job. Most of the time we would not see the report until it was so late in the process we would have to inconvenience our new tenant to complete the repairs. I would recommend the CMB team for any projects you may have, large or small."

-Randy Adrian, SMA

Chief Engineer

"Complete Mechanical Balancing has been serving our campus for over 20 years now. Large or small projects, they make the time to come and do the job right the first time. They always seem to find ways to optimize every system they encounter, hydronic, air systems, even basic preventative maintenance. Bottom line, our systems would never function as good as they do without the professionalism."

- Darell Smith Chief Engineer
Exempla Lutheran Medical Center